Cindy Heldens
Visual Artist

As a child Cindy was always creating something. At the age of 12 she and her family emigrated to the Netherlands from Australia. To find her way in a new country had a strong impact on her life. In 1989 she chose, after all kinds of wanderings, to live in Beesel in the south of the Netherlands. It was in this small town she discovered the ceramic industry, which was still in full bloom at the time. It was a natural way for her to start working with clay. She followed a learning-working trajectory, where her curiosity was awakened for the whole process. She followed a technical training in fine ceramics. In 1998 she moved to a monumental building in the village center of Beesel where she still lives and works with clay.

“The challenge is to do the thing you have to do because you’re in love with it and can’t do anything else. Not because you want to become rich or famous but because you will be unhappy if you can’t do it.”

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