2019 Commission | Art Object | The Greswaren Reuver

Part of the BNG heritage prize won by the township of Beesel

(The Netherlands) is used to start a project for cultural education in secondary education and the preservation of heritage within the small community of Beesel.


In collaboration with the teachers and pupils of Broekhin Reuver/ Swalmen, Cindy has started a project in which we delve into the history of the old greswaren factory in Reuver and the clay industry. An industry where many generations from Beesel and surroundings have worked.

In particular, Cindy hopes that the workers will be honered. The stories they have to tell will be made visible. The artwork will contain 6 portraits of old workers and their stories. 

These portraits will be 3D printed with the last clay that has been lying in the old factory for years.


The portraits will be placed in the niches of the artwork in the course of 2020. The artwork is completely realized with materials that were released during the demolition of the old kilns.


2019 | Commission | Artwork | The Greswaren Reuver

Artwork offered to deputy Hubert Mackus froms

the province of Limburg on the occasion of the completion of the restoration phase of the Greswarenfabriek in Reuver, 21-02-2019.


The artwork is made from the last clay mountain from the old one

factory where vitrified clay pipes, smoke hoods and teapots were manufactured.


This can be recognized in the artwork. The print is a technical drawing

of a vitrified clay pipe.


The teapot is made from an original mold from the factory from the 50s.


Baked at 1240 degrees.

2016 | Execution | Dragon Tail | Township Beesel


Idea and design Leonne van Deuzen.


Commissioned by the municipality of Beesel and Stichting Draaksteken.


Executed by Leonne van Deuzen and Cindy Heldens in collaboration with contractor and bricklayer Wim Meerts and

Jan vd Heurik.

Beesel, The Netherlands.



2011 | Water on the wall | Water Authority Limburg WBL

Glass and ceramics were used in the artworks for the Limburg WBL water board company in The Netherlands.

In a number of these works, the pollution that enters our water, such as batteries, condoms and wipes, have been processed. And in other works the beauty of pure water, using glass, has been expressed.

In the ceramic wall reliefs the cultural competencies of the company are 

imagined. The employees have acted as a model for this. Molds were made from their hands and faces. The ceramic panels are composed of prints of these molds.


Commissions | Education projects | Schools


An example of one of Cindys educational projects is

"What are we eating today".


A project especially for primary school children.


This is mainly about looking and thinking about their daily meal.

The hot meal in different cultures look very different.


Being involved together with the entire class or school, the children 

reveal ways of their own culture.



For more information about a project or collaboration, please contact us.


The artwork designed and executed by Cindy is a monument in time.


The municipality's request was to design a work of art that should enter into a relationship with the municipality.


What does a municipality represent without residents?


The residents therefore play the most important role in the municipality and in the artwork!


Vincent van Goghstreet, Reuver The Netherlands..

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