Custom made plates for Michelinstar Restaurant 'ONE'



Chef Erik:

"Through an old employee I was brought into contact with Cindy who makes tableware and artwork. Her studio is in Beesel

and since we like to get everything up close, the first interest was quickly aroused! Whenever I have an idea about a new plate or a

new dish, I go to Cindy. Together we look at the possibilities and then she makes a first sample directly on the turntable. Based on

this, we determine what the board will ultimately look like. Color, shape etc. Cindy then goes to work with her

craftsmanship to make more of these plates ".


Do you know any other chefs who do this? Why is this important to you?

"No idea if other chefs do this. For me, a plate is an extension of the dish and therefore contributes to that one

dish so it can be even more special. The board of the film will be a very cool board.

Super nice handicraft where no 2 plates will be the same ".